Welcome to Friends of the Temecula Libraries

Supporting Literacy In Our Community 

About Us

What does it mean to be a Member of the Friends of the Temecula Libraries?

The Friends of the Temecula Libraries are dedicated people who care about libraries and seek to promote their welfare. They are interested in preserving libraries as a source of freedom, and strive to enrich our libraries' resources by making their services better known to the community. 

Members are people of all ages, in all occupations with a wide variety of special interests. They are people who have one thing in common - they love our libraries and appreciate the books, special programs and services offered by both of the libraries in Temecula. Friends of the Temecula Libraries members experience the gratification of knowing that they are supporting the libraries with their annual dues and their volunteering spirit.


Benefits to the Libraries


Membership dues contribute to:

  • Funding adult, teen, family and children's programs
  • Buying more books for the libraries
  • Purchasing necessary support equipment and materials

Benefits to Members


Members receive:

  • The satisfaction of knowing they have contributed to supporting literacy in our community.
  • Opportunities to volunteer in the bookstores and on special committees.